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Grateful Dead Links

September 22, 2011

The Grateful Dead

Few bands have captured the attention of a generation like the Grateful Dead. The Grateful Dead were formed in 1965 in the San Francisco bay area of California during a turbulent time in America. The confluence of events and change in music helped propel them to the fore front during the hippie movement. Their style of psychedelic music teamed with Ken Kesey and his acid test parties brought a new sound to the musical arena. The Grateful Dead were not a band you could easily categorize. The Dead blended many different type of music and genres into their truly unique sound.

The Grateful Dead were also known for their constant touring in a 30 year span they played over 2300 live concerts. That equals to over 75 concerts a year for 30 years! I doubt you could find any other artist that could come even close. This touring schedule led to the following and sense of community so closely associated with the band. These fans and enthusiast became know simply as dead heads.

August 9th 1995 the music changed forever for millions of fans a entire community of people were left without their leader. Jerry Garcia was the heart and soul of the Dead as the lead guitar and vocals he was the voice. The band never liked the term leader saying they were all equals. That may have been but the loss of Jerry ended the long strange journey.

This page was created due to research I have been doing on the hippie movement and the Grateful Dead. There are many links pages about the Grateful Dead on the net. I found all of them are very outdated and the sites and links are no longer working or have been changed to something else. ( Not always for the best ) The Grateful Dead links on this site have all been personally checked by me for content and working order. If you know of a link I missed or just want to comment please do so in the comment options under the best category for your link.